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 CSE-M53N - Embedded Serial to Ethernet Module

CSE-M53N is a micro-sized embedded serial to Ethernet module which is pin compatible with CSE-M53. 
This module basically provides conversion functions to remotely control and manage serial devices over Ethernet. CSE-M53N is the perfect solution for environments where industrial operating temperature range(-40℃ ~ +85℃) is demanded and those who plan to move forward to next generation Internet protocol, IPv6. This embedded serial to Ethernet comes preloaded with basic communication functions(TCP, UDP, etc.) and strong security functions(SSL, MAC/IP filtering, etc.), along with a packet fragmentation separator so that it can be used diverse applications. This serial to Ethernet has a high speed(up to 921,600bps) UART port which can be extended to RS232/RS422/RS485 in accordance with users 

  • Serial to Ethernet Module
  • Very compact module type : 20mm x 24mm
  • IPv4 / IPv6 dual stack
  • Stateless / Stateful (DHCPv6) address auto-configuration
  • High speed UART x 1 (3.3V TTL, up to 921.6Kbps) available on RS232/RS422/RS485 extension
  • Industrial temperature range (-40℃ ~ +85℃)
  • Security options (SSL3.0/TLS1.0, IP filtering, Password)
  • Separator settings for packet fragmentation




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