Our vision

We aspire to be the leading design house and distributor of semiconductor, positioning and wireless components that help our customer, throughout Vietnam and ASEAN region market, stay ahead of the competition in the “Internet of Things” trend.

Our mission

  • Providing critical solutions and newest technology of “Internet of Things” movement to customers;
  • Creating global first-rate products for customers all over the world.


Our core values

Integrity: We require frankness, transparency, independence in actions and transactions. 

Innovation: We research and connect things together, continuously improve to create new and distinct values for our products. 

Passion: We strive to provide the best products and services to customers and consider customer satisfaction as the measure of success. 


  • To partner and customer: We always create a fair corporate environment for related-parties’ benefits
  • To staff: We always create a fair work environment, with opportunity for each employee according to ability or achievement.

Ethics: We respect the established ethical standards, act accordingly and maintain high ethical standards.