- Quad-band 850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz
- Supports PPP/ TCP/ UDP/ HTTP/ FTP/ SMTP/ SSL protocol stacks with Max. 85.6kbps 
- Supports IPX external antenna connector.
- Supports ESIM.


- Quad-band 850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz
- Supports PPP/ TCP/ UDP/ HTTP/ FTP/ SMTP/ SSL protocol stacks with Max. 85.6kbps 
- Supports IPX external antenna connector.
- Supports ESIM.

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1. Introducing GSM/GPRS M95 EASY

GSM/ GPRS M95 EASY or ATC-E14 is one of AT-COM's Easy Board product series. The product uses GSM M95 module of Quectel. Designed with Sim microphones, it is possible to extend ESIM connection in sim 2, while integrating antenna on board and earphone to help users easily use the features and integrate into the system, ...

2. Schematic

3. Features

a. Module ATC-E14

b. ATCBus Socket

ATCBus Socket integrated pins allow users to connect all products with ATCBus together easily

M95 operates at 3.3 ~ 4.6V voltage range, with GSM/ GPRS M95 EASY product, the module is designed to operate at 3.3V voltage as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure the module works stably with The LDO TJ4320GPPADJ IC of HTC provides power to 2A.

Some characteristics of TJ4320GPPADJ:

  • Input Operating Voltage Range: 2.5V to 5.5V
  • 1µA typical Quiescent Current
  • ±2% Output Voltage Accuracy
  • Stable with 1µF MLCC
  • Output current up to 2A
  • Over current protection
  • Moisture sensitivity level 3

c. Choose communication voltage

Choose communication voltage: to communicate with external devices, ATC-E14 is designed with 3.3V or 5V communication voltage option for each application. When manufacturing, the device uses default 3.3V logic level.

  • Change the logic voltage by removing the 0Ω resistor from the unwanted position (5V). Then solder to the desired location (3.3V).
  • ATC-E14 uses TIB0106PWR 2-way logic switching IC. It is possible to switch logic level from 1.22V ~ 3.6V to 1.65V ~ 5.5V and maximum speed up to 100Mps. Since the normal logic level of the MCU is 3.3 / 5V, the IC converts the logic voltage according to the compatible signal.

d. Communicate with MCU


  • By fully utilizing the pins of an UART set of M95 (RXD, TXD, CTS, RTS, RI, DTS) on ATCbus, ATC-E14 allows communication with other devices using UART with baurate from 4800     ~ 115200 bps (default 9600bps).


  •  STAT Pin: shows the status of M95, when M95 is active.
  •  PWR Pin: PWRKEY's foot of M95, allowing ON / OFF M95 when supplying high pulse for a short time.

e. LED

Led Net: shows network status of M95

  • When 2G 64ms light wave has not been captured / 800ms led off).
  • When 2G 64ms wave is caught, the LED light is on / 2000ms led off).
  • When the LED is flashing continuously, 2G is connected

- Led PWR: always lit when there is 5V supply on ATCBus

Led STAT: morning when M95 works. Turn off when M95 is off.

- ON / OFF push button: press and hold for about 2s to switch operation status of M95 (ON->OFF/OFF->ON).

f. Audio

ATC-E14 design 3.5mm audio jack allows users to use 3.5mm earphone to listen to call as a normal mobile phone. Need to set the channel selection for audio before using.

g. eSIM

ESIM is a noteworthy point in ATC-E14 when you can use electronic Sim instead of using physical SIM. This is the latest technology in today's expensive smartphones, helping to save space in smartphones, lots of time to remove sim slots for more effective water resistance. ESIM is designed for use in SIM2, just need to load profile and solder to ESIM location then add some basic configuration operations that are usable. However, ESIM is not available on ATC-E14, please contact us if you want to use ESIM.

h. SIM Holder

Micro-sized physical SIM slot built into ATC-E14, simply plug in the Micro size SIM that can be used easily

i. Antenna

ATC-E14 uses W3073 antenna with compact size, supports many frequencies of GSM, 3G, ..

Gain from 0.4-2.2dBi. Along with that, we offer more options with the IPX connector that allows you to use external antenna. To use an external antenna, please remove the 0Ω resistor and solder it to the location connected to the IPX connector.

4. Dimension

5. Video


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